Comprehensive Epilepsy Center locations in the U.S.

Posted by Leonard @jakedduck1, Jul 2, 2020

Epilepsy centers provide a comprehensive team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy with Neurologists specializing in Epilepsy called Epileptoligists. The following definitions may not always apply to every center but are close.

Epilepsy Centers are designated by levels 1-4.
Centers 1 are generally ER’s and primary care physicians Centers 2 are General Neurologists. Level 3 Centers may or may not have Epileleptologists on staff and don’t do invasive testing like inner-cranial EEGs or advanced epilepsy surgery.
Level 4 Centers have Epileptologists and do all types of testing and do all types of Epilepsy surgeries.
Here are the locations;
Thank you @hopeful33250 for bringing this to my attention.

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Thanks for providing this great resource for folks with epilepsy, @jakedduck1. It is good to know where all of the top centers are located. It is important to find a specialist with the most experience when dealing with this type of disorder.

I was pleased to see that in the area where I live, there are four Level 4 centers and two of those centers also treat children.


Yes, I have a level 4 just over an hour away. Thank both of you @hopeful33250 and @jakedduck1. I'll be having a conversation with my provider very shortly. Maybe an epi…epilep…epi…oh to heck with it, maybe one of those epilepsy special ologists can tell me if the medicine I take is necessary.

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