Complex case - what to expect

Posted by shamilton @shamilton, Apr 28, 2019

We just arrived at Mayo on Thursday and had our initial discussion with our doctor (who is wonderful) – we had a couple of tests scheduled and an E-Consult. In getting the report from the doctor doing the E-Consult it stated my husband should have additional tests and meet face to face with the doctor and his team who did the E-consult. Our plan is to be here until next Saturday – do they usually call to set up the additional tests and the meeting with the other doctor? I am not sure if I should be calling or if they will call.

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Hi @shamilton and welcome to Connect. It's great to hear that your initial visit at Mayo went well.

I wanted to introduce you to fellow Connect members @dawn_giacabazi as she is a Mayo patient and also @hopeful33250 she may be able to offer you support.

Outside of your first appointments, how are you enjoying Rochester? How is your husband doing after the travel?


@shamilton, normally you will be called to set up additional tests. However, if you are in doubt, please call to confirm. It never hurts to be pro-active. Have you signed up for the patient portal, called Patient Online Services? Here's the link
You will need your husband's Mayo Clinic Number to register if you haven't already.

With Patient Online Services, you and your husband will be able to see his records and results as fast as the clinicians do. You can also manage appointments and scheduling.



I'm so pleased that your husband is being seen at Mayo. On Mayo Connect I've seen many examples of people with complex cases. Mayo has a reputation for being able to unravel the complexities and get to the root cause. I'm wishing you and your husband well.

If you are comfortable doing so, will you post an update when you have more news?

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