Communication and its consequences and effect on you

Posted by safetyshield @safetyshield, Nov 4, 2016

As I posted before about the communication I received from my doctors and how vague and incomplete it was. Another words the message left me with more unanswered questions and anxiety. The responses that I got from Mayo Clinic gave me relief because of your caring responses. So I decided to get you all up to speed of what happened next. My Primary Doctor apologized and promised to be more specific in her responses to me in an email. My Gastroenterologist did not respond at all. So after I went for my CAT scan my Gastroenterologist again emailed the results of this test. But this time she was more detailed about the results and was sure to include her interpretation of the results. Even though she wants me to go for a MRI she was focused on lessoning my anxieties which is putting more at ease. So now I am preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. Unfortunately at home I am dealing with an obnoxious irritating neighbor who has made a complaint about me to the authorities which being in a bad place emotionally made me evasive and upset when I met with the authorities. Fortunately I have a good neighbor that understood my distress and came to me to show some support. So when it rains it pours.

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