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Coming to Mayo March 5th

Posted by @jmayo60506, Feb 18, 2013

I hope to see snow and that it is still around. I’m from Chicago and we have had none this year. What I need to find out is good places that are cheap that i can get quality food. I had to hold a fundraiser and ask friends and family to help pay travel expenses and I do not want to waist their money. I have MS diagnosis and then told it could be something different. been told twice now I was going to die the last time almost made me give up. I have already had a stroke and open heart surgery just need someone to pull it all together and get me functional again.No one knows for sure what is going on so i am turning to Mayo for help. So anyway i can stretch a dime while up there will be great to hear.

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Posted by @msboni, Feb 18, 2013

Best place to stay is the Kahlar Inn 507-285-9200, good rates, let them know you are a Mayo patient, good Food there as well. Go to your appointment prepared ! List All issues, questions on a piece of paper so you forget Nothing ‘ your gonna LOVE IT THERE ‘

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Posted by @rosemarya, Feb 21, 2013

The cafeterias in the Mayo Clinic offer a variety of food choices at reasonable prices. Nutritional information and prices are are both posted. And the food is good, too!


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Posted by @useless, Feb 24, 2013

I liked staying at the Hampton Inn. Free breakfast, clean rooms, shuttle to and from Mayo. I stayed there for 3 weeks.

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Posted by @jmayo60506, Mar 28, 2013

I also ended up staying there. It was a comforting environment. It seems to be regular haunt for those who need to keep coming back to Mayo and I learned a lot from them. .


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Posted by @anon09364050, Apr 2, 2013

Hope you learned what you hoped to learn and got to play in some snow. D

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