Colostomy take down

Posted by user_cha5e73f6 @user_cha5e73f6, Jul 17, 2016

In April 2015 my husband had 30 inches of colon removed due to severe diverticulitis. He developed leaks, spent 5 weeks in the hospital and another 6 weeks at home trying to heal but he was full of infection. We rushed him to Mayo Rochester ER in July. The team at Mayo did emergency surgery removed more of his colon and he ended up with a colostomy. (They saved his life) . The Dr. Can now perform a take down. We were wondering if any one else have had over 3 feet of colon removed and a take down. He had such a bad experience with his first surgery in his home town that we are nervous about complications he may have with the upcoming colostomy reversal.

Hi @user_cha5e73f6. Welcome to Connect! I can understand why you’d be nervous after an experience like that. I’m so glad to hear that Mayo Clinic was able to save his life. I’m tagging @mkat5955, @soul, @luv2float, @retairforceman, @dotty and @hatethis who have posted about colostomies and reversals in the past and can hopefully provide some support and guidance. We are glad you came to Connect!

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