Colostomy problem: Rectal discharge 18 months out

Posted by bcstew @bcstew, Sep 29, 2020

My surgery was 18 months ago and I have had no rectal discharge in all that time. Yesterday twice there was a watery discharge.
I am now wearing a pad, Is this a common occurance? Should I see my surgeon?

Hi @bcstew, Thank you for sharing your current experience with the group. I am sorry that you are currently having a watery discharge due to your colostomy. I would definitely contact your surgeon if this is a new symptom that is occurring, but I did want to invite a few more people to the discussion that may have knowledge of if this is a common side effect or something to be concerned with. Welcome @hodagw, @engelee, @susang2473 and @candywocrn to the conversation. Can you share any insight with @bcstew ?

You will also noticed that I altered your title slightly to address your question so members can see it from the group page.

@bcstew, I did read where if you have a colostomy and the anus is still in tact, there may be some mucus discharge due to the fact that the bowel lining still has the ability to produce the mucus that aids in defecating. Can you give us a little background regarding your diagnosis and your surgery?,no%20longer%20serves%20any%20purpose.

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