Colonoscopy taken for my father, need help in reading the impression

Posted by harikumh @harikumh, Oct 7, 2018

My father had chronic stomach pain with blood loss and also constipation. A colonoscopy was done and the impression says this

A surgery is suggested for this and waiting for the biopsy report. Could you provide some insight on this impression means, is this cancer? Also what are the typical treatments for this?

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Hello @harikumh,

Welcome to Connect. I'm sorry to hear about your father – you must be so worried! We are not medically trained, and cannot diagnose or offer medical advice on Mayo Clinic Connect, but I'd like to introduce you to a few members who may be able to offer more insight into your symptoms and test results. Please meet @travelgirl @rayleemorris @soul @minabird @mouselife @cherriann.

For 2018, we created 31 videos for the 31 days of March about screening, prevention, colorectal cancer diagnosis, treatment, and more. I encourage you to check it out.

I can also help provide the resources and information to receive an appointment at Mayo Clinic – if you would like to get a second opinion from Mayo Clinic, you can start that process by using this link,

@harikumh, could you share a few more details? What type of surgery has the doctor suggested? Did the doctor talk about the possibility of any other treatment option?


@harikumh Welcome to Connect. I had a cancerous flat polyp in my cecum. I had surgery to remove a foot of my colon and some lymph nodes. No other treatments were needed. Except every six months I get blood work to check my cea levels. Plus I get colonoscopies now every three yrs.

It's hard to tell the true treatments needed until.after the surgery is done. In my case they were able to completely remove it all.

Plus I think the staging makes a difference as to what ones needs in treatments.

I will say the most important thing you need to do is please get three opinions. Make sure they are cancer institute affiliated centers. You need to also make sure a Colorectal surgeon does the surgery. Prior to my surgery they did a CT scan and a pet scan. That gives the docs a better idea about the surgery.

I wish you and your Dad the best.

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