Need help understanding my Colonoscopy Report

Posted by Brglight @brglight, Aug 1, 2016

Could anyone help explain the colonoscopy report findings?
In the rectum there was a 2.5cm submucosal mass starting at about 10cm from the anal margin. It does not look like a primary rectal adenocarcinoma.
The distal terminal ileum is compressed and there is an impression of a mass in the area. I intubated the TI nut it would not distend at all despite air insufflation suggestive of extrinsic compression more than a primary terminal ileal neoplasm. In view of the position a neuroendocrine tumour should be on the differential diagnosis list.
The original endoscopy I was told was clear so I’m a bit confused. The only symptoms are high blood pressure and abdominal pain along with a lump in the groin which they took a biopsy from. The results of this were showed signet cells and the diagnosis is signet cell cancer of unknown primary. If anyone could shed any light of what this latest colonoscopy indicates I would be grateful.

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@brglight Welcome to Mayo Connect. This is a great group of people who will offer you support and encouragement along the road of treatment and recovery. I can understand your confusion about your report. The only word in the report that is familiar to me is the word, neuroendocrine tumor (NET). I have had three of these removed surgically. (They also go by the name of carcinoid.) NETs are considered rare, slow-growing malignancies and are usually only removed surgically. I see that your only symptoms were high blood pressure and abdominal pain. You mentioned an “original endoscopy” was this also a colonoscopy? If there are any other symptoms or health problems that you feel comfortable sharing, please do so. Have you spoken with your doctor yet about the results? Have you had other surgeries or treatments? As you are new to the group here at Mayo Connect, please feel free to share some more information about yourself as you are comfortable. We would like to get to know you better! Best wishes.


Hi @brglight. I echo Hopeful’s welcome and would ask the same questions of you.

Here is a web page from OncoLink called Understanding Your Pathology Report: Colon Cancer It should help decipher some of the terms in your results.

Your report says “It does not look like a primary rectal adenocarcinoma.” which means it doesn’t look like rectal or colon cancer usually do. Therefore the doctor did some further testing on the mass (intubation). Because of its position, she/he suggest further testing to see if it is a neuroendocrine tumor. They will be able to tell more from the biopsy.

Have you gone over these results with your doctor yet?

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