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colon cancer/cea test

Posted by @askmewhyiamblue, Apr 3, 2012

I had surgery oct. 2011, doctor got all of the cancer. Cea test showed at the time of the surgery that my blood cancer count was a 14. The three month blood work in Febuary 2012 showed the count as 17. Doctor ordered a pet/ct scan and a colonocopy. Found one polyp. Pet scan sowed a glow where the resection of the colon was sewn together. But not any glows any where else. He said the glow in the colon was from the surgery and not cancer. More blood work and cea is still elevated to a 16. I don’t understand. Has anyone of you or yours ever had cancer cells to show up in blood work and not have cancer? Please help with some comments. This stress is ruff!!!!!!



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Posted by @anon63193615, Sep 2, 2012

your situation sounds so familiar. except I had surgery in 9/’10. I’ll watch here for more answers.

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