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Colon Cancer

Posted by @blessed in Cancer, Oct 21, 2011

Diagnosed with Colon Cancer September 19,2011. Resection of sigmoid colon 16 inches removed. Surgery went well. Stage 2 t3, no mo, moderate differientials was the diagnosis and apparently there has not been case studies involving the benefits of chemotherapy on this stage although they use to treat is same as stage 3. If I can do anything to decrease the chance of this cancer returning, most probably in my liver I was told then I want to do it!! Because I am young they just sent my pathology to Mayo for genetic testing. I am ready to get on with killing anything that may be left and insuring it doesnt return. Has anyone else had this delima.?

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Posted by @cedarhurst, Nov 2, 2011

God Bless, stay safe and in my prayers for a full recovery!


Posted by @blessed, Nov 2, 2011

Thank you.


Posted by @jbduffy1, Nov 8, 2011

I was 49 years old and had colon cancer(6 years ago) . My PCP missed it for years. I had colon resection and chemo. Went on Govt study and got more 5FU. Chronic constipation now. Minor neropathy in toes. The worst is chemobrain. I do computer work and my time management and short term memory is gone. Had nervous breakdown and am out on disability. Need to find people with chemo brain and experts who believe me.


Posted by @spincycle, Nov 9, 2011

I understand what I think chemo brain is. I was 59 when I had rectal cancer and was treated with Xeloda along with radiation and surgery. It has been two years and the last oncology follow up was good. Looking forward to the 5 year mark when things are supposed to be positive that cancer is not coming back. Chemo brain I believe also changed my personality for quite a while. My temper was unbelievably short and things that I used to be able to figure out and quickly solve became frustratingly difficult. I had trouble focusing and concentrating on complicated tasks. I do think that as time goes on it is getting a little better at least for me. Not much was said at any time as chemo brain being a potential side effect and truthfully I don't know if it would have made much difference in my choice of treatment. Once I came to grips with the fact I had a life threatening situation in my body that would grow if I didn't take action I sort of went on autopilot and only focused on what I had to do from hour to hour to get through the treatment. But chemo brain is definitely real. I force myself to do simple puzzles that are based on subjects I like. In a way maybe like Alzheimer treatment. It seems to have helped me anyway. I also get much more sleep than I used to and not much keeps me from getting it. Listening to my body if you will, as I am still building on the stamina I lost.


Posted by @pinecamp1972, Feb 14, 2012

My husband was a stage 3a diagnosed at a routine physical---it had been there for over 10 years and missed- no symptoms no illness.. He has been cancer free since 2003. We feel that chemo is worth it to get rid of any left over cancer cells. Although the chemo changed since early 2003, the one he had only made him ill one time. He only had to postpone one treatment and worked throughout. The only long-term effect is that he gets chilly easily. We felt we were DOING something, being proactive to stop that horrible disease.


Posted by @blessed, Feb 15, 2012

Thank you. I started on 4,000 mg of xeloda a day, 7 days on 7 days off, after it was confirmed that I did not have the DNA prone to cancer. I only have 2 more months after 1 more round this month. I am more than half way through. They did have to decrease my dose to 3500 mg due to increased side effects. My feet are just now peeling, but nothing too bad. I usually only actually throw up once and usually that is the last of the 7 day routine. My tumor markers last week were 1.6, which they tell me is good. I am back to work 20-30 hours per week. I am ready to complete this and get on with the rest of my life cancer free!!!! Oh and by the way who knew the new treatments tend to lead to weight gain?! I have gained 40 lbs that I have to get back off. Best wishes to remain cancer free!!


Posted by @pinecamp1972, Feb 16, 2012

I am glad that you are doing the chemo. Like our oncologist said it is the "insurance policy" Prayers to you for a complete cancer free recovery!

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