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Wendy D.

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colon cancer and positive for Lynch Syndrome

Posted by @wendyd, Oct 11, 2011

does anyone have or no anyone with lynch syndrome? my father died at age 47 with colon ca, my grandmother at age 50 and both her brother and sister at age 50 died. my aunt lived to 56yrs. the family has tested positive for Lynch syndrome. cancers began starting at age 28yrs with my grandmother and 31yrs with my aunt. The cont. to have multi. cancers 5-6 times before passing on. One of my Dads cousins died at age 2 with brain cancer. I also noticed families online that had lynch as well has breast cancer which i was always told was not related. you need to be very aggressive in your health care and manage your own care, most people don’t have any idea how serious this problem is.



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Posted by @blessed, Oct 21, 2011

It is a Gene that makes you predisposed to having cancer or having it return. They test for this when a young person has a cancer for no other reason. They are testing my pathology for it now.

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