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colon cancer (advanced stage)

Posted by @prav1021 in Cancer, Jan 30, 2012

My mom (61 yrs old) has been diagnosed with colon cancer (stage 4). she went through an emergency surgery to remove the obstruction using colectomy recently but she hasn't been able to recover from the surgery for almost 15 days (very minimal bowel movement). Her surgeon performed multiple CT scans, blood tests, X-rays and didn't find anything. They decided to perform a laparoscopic surgery to see if there were any other obstructions that they couldn't see from CT scan and found adhesions. From what they told us, they removed the adhesions but mentioned that there is a very good chance that they will come back and apparently there is no cure to it.. I am just trying to reach out and see if anyone else had to go through this and if there is any cure to it .. Thanks

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Posted by @parkins, Feb 1, 2012

My mother went through the same thing and passed away 5 yrs ago. She was my main support person in life and I feel lost many days without her. I took care of her very well and people said I wouldnt be able too. The Dr. gave her 10 months and she went in 10 months to fast. I miss her greatly. I hope this doesnt upset you, but I know what you might be going through.


Posted by @prav1021, Feb 2, 2012

Thanks for your reply.. Did your mom also go through a 2nd surgery to remove adhesions ??
My mom had 2nd surgery after the first colostomy on Monday and now she has fever.. She is extremely week.. Its Very hard to see her like that.. At this point, I am really concerned that she won't even make it from the 2nd surgery .. I am really concerned.. Any thoughts ??


Posted by @parkins, Feb 2, 2012

Any thoughts? YES! Be as strong as you can because if ever she needed anyone is now. PRAY, and spread your asking prayers around churches so that God may help her and you. We must learn that God gives and takes away as willed. But all things are for good to those who love him. I will be in prayer for Your mother and your self. Hang in there!


Posted by @dannan1, Apr 11, 2012

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