Stage 4 colon cancer: What's the best place for treatment?

Posted by sher4boys @sher4boys, Jan 5 1:19am

Stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to the liver and lung. Had chemo and pin point radiation on a tumor in the lung. waiting to see if that helped. On Keytruda for 3 months didn't work. Where is the best place to go for colon cancer treatments???

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Community Health Network
Cancer Center
MD Anderson
Indianapolis Indiana
Dr. Thekkeurumbil
Highly recommended!


Welcome @sher4boys, I moved your message to the Colorectal Cancer Support Group here where you'll meet many other members living with stage 4 colon cancer, like @sundance6 @mercator @nathan45 @duckduck2020 @margreet @lisag03 @fiona007 @susan159 @bea1972

I hope you also saw the recommendations that @jeff1957 and @paul28 offered.

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@sher4boys, if you would like to seek a second opinion at Mayo Clinic, here's where to get started:

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