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Colon cancer

Posted by @queenbeejan in Cancer, Feb 24, 2012

My 32 YO son has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon cancer. Has anyone had experience with the Bio-Mat as a treatment, or in conjunction with another treatment?

I've seen comments of people working while going through Chemo. That's so encouraging that life can go on while being a patient. Was that a monumental effort?? Or was the treatment actually not as bad as many of us have heard? My son really needs encouragement, and I need understanding.

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Posted by @paddy17, Feb 24, 2012

Hi: I am 2 years out from successful treatment of my stage 3 colon cancer and all is well. I had a right hemicolectomy and after surgery had 12 folfox chemos every 2 weeks. To facilitate the chemo I had a port placed in my upper chest area.This took me from January to June. I had some nausea after the fourth chemo but otherwise everything went well and remains well. It's all uphill after the shock of the diagnosis. I was diagnosed after an annual blood test indicated that I was slightly anemic. What a shock for someone who has run 4 marathons and always kept fit. All the best...just keep your nose to the will make it!! Regards.

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Posted by @queenbeejan, Feb 24, 2012

Now that'ss what I call encouraging!! Thank so much for relating your experience. Best of health to you Paddy 17 : )

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Posted by @tristenjohnson, May 26, 2012

Hello, I was diagnosed with colon cancer at 38 and thank god daily they caught it early (stg 1) but since i was considered "young" to have colon cancer they checked me for a hereditary disorder called Lynch Syndrome and it came back positive. Just an FYI if they havnt checked your son it may be something to look into.. I have returned back to work but live in fear daily especially now with Lynch... This site has good info on it.. Good luck to you and your son!! prayers always

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