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Cold urticaria and MS

Posted by @debras in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 17, 2011

My son is scheduled to see a neuro opthamologist at the end of the month for symptoms consistent with MS. He suffered from cold urticaria last winter and is beginning to get symptoms once again as the weather cools. His medications include antihistamines, Tagamet and Doxepin. These meds are to treat the hives, he has not been on any medications for the MS. Anyone else with cold urticara?

He is not faring well, hives, optic neuritis and extreme fatigue. I am at a loss

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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 28, 2011

is moving to a warmer climate an option


Posted by @amber90, Jan 25, 2012

I've had Cold Urticaria since I was in first grade. I hope your son grows out of it! I've heard that's what usually happens, but it hasn't been the case for me so far. *My finger's are crossed though!*


Posted by @someonesdaughter, May 7, 2012

I was floating down Kern River in 1982 during the summer. The water was still very cold. When I got out of the water ,I had welts on my butt , this was mostly exposed to the cold water. I was in an inner tube. Anyway that was the very first time I noticed a reaction to the cold. The next big reaction was 1983, I was laying out sunbathing with the girls. It became to hot and I realized the water was too cold, I needed to cool off so I went in any way. It was painfully cold so I got out right away. I began to welt up in huge welts. My knees did not look like knees any more. I was young and dumb. Although I was scared to death, I just covered my self up with towels and layed there in that lawn chair. My heart was racing, I felt odd. After about an hour the welts went away. Now after that exposure to the cold, I began to realize just carrying a soda can in my arm, or propping a cold drink by my leg when in the car, would cause welts. I keep antihistamines in my car for any unexspected cold exposure. I love the snow but can not be in it. If I do get talked into going to the snow. I have to stay in the vehicle with the heater going. Then after everyone has had their fun, I bunddle up and get out. I usually last about 5 minutes. Every part of my body that is exposed becomes hot, burgandy red, and begans to swell. I actually look like a severe sunburn. I usually get back into the vehicle and take dimetapp for it has liquid antihistamine in it. Needless to say, I rarely go to the snow. I don't know if one size fits all, but I wonder if their is a common ground of exposure which caused this in the first place. When I was very young I swam in the lake, maybe it was from the dirty lake. Maybe it's hereditary. One of my brothers, he's 17 years younger than me says he has the same thing. I can't help but think it's an expoure to something or my body chemistry is different than other peoples. What else, I get achy legs when ever the weather changes. I can always predict a cold front, or rain because of the ache I get in my legs.
When did your son come down with his symptoms?

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