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Cluster or migraine?

Posted by @jeramb in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 30, 2011

My grandson has terrible migrane headaches . does anyone have these and how are you getting help with this? Can anyone please help?


Posted by @cyn, Jul 31, 2011

Jeramb, My husband suffers from Cluster Heahaches, I was so thankful that the dr. didn't say "Migraine" Now, I am not so sure. We have tried everything from Oxygen to Steroids with no relief. I am now in the process of internet surfing for help. With the migraine there are several avenues for you to explore. How old, health problems etc with depend on what type of treatment your dr suggests...get him to a dr. in the mean time.. anyone out there with info on the "CLUSTER?"


Posted by @jeramb, Jul 31, 2011

Thank you for responding. He's 22 yrs old no other health problems I know of. I'm not sure its cluster he says it moves all over his head so it sounds more like migrane. He just started a new job so it's difficult for him to spend a lot of time at the Mayo clinic. If anyone has had these symptons and found help I would be greatful for your input.
thanks Jerry

Posted by Anonymous-8303d01a, Aug 29, 2011

A physician or neurologist should be able to help distinguish between those two types of headaches and help your grandson. If money is an issue, I have looked up what the headaches mean, where they usually occur (front of head, back of head, ect), see what medicine helps or doesnt help me, keep sort of a journal of pain and relief. That helps some. A good doctor is best. A migraine is usually - usually one sided and light, like sunshine or bedroom light just kills you, you need to be in the dark ( for most people) and many people feel sick to their stomach. I dont know much about cluster headaches.


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 29, 2011

perhaps he should take a serious look into food allergy or food intolerance

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