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Cluster Headaches

Posted by @john434 in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 19, 2012

I got injured years ago in the first gulf war. The headaches started but wasnt that bad. The last 2 years have really been real bad hitting 40-60 times a day various places on my head lasting 3-10 minutes feeling like a sharp stabbing. Recently had a MRI with and with out contrast and was normal and EEG was normal. Anyone have any ideas or can help me

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Posted by @skycat, Oct 20, 2012

Have you looked into other online communities of Gulf War veterans or resources for Gulf War veterans that are struggling with these types of headaches? I seem to remember the phrase "Gulf War Syndrome" years ago that could be just a gross generalization of symptoms but I do seem to remember discussion about neurological issues with some veterans- may it be from their physical environment or prolonged stress. I guess the other question I have (since I personally struggle with blood sugar issues) is have you gotten looked at for possible diabetes or diabetes type causes of these headaches?


Posted by @john434, Oct 21, 2012

Thank you for replying back to me. Yes I got urine test and blood test and everything came back normal except NO2 little low. As for Gulf War Syndrome its been a real struggle dealing with the VA.

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