Close to making a choice on arthritis treatment

Posted by jreed @jreed, May 18, 2017

I recently joint this discussion group to help me make a decision about treatment for deteriorating hip joints and pain because of osteoarthritis in most of my major joints, but most painfully my hips. My orthopedic doctor employed by a major hospital group in Florida recommended steroid injection and physical therapy as a first step. Made sense. But a pain management physical, also respected by his peers, believes the stem cell therapy is best. He works with Regenexx, as I understand it. My ortho literally rolled his eyes at the suggestion of stem cell therapy. I’m cautious with major health decisions so am still in the research phase. Some of what has been written here is helpful and hopeful, but what concerns me about stem cell (derived from fat) therapy is that there are no long-term studies. The evidence is mostly anecdotal. We all know how that can lead one astray. So has anyone here found any scientific proof of the efficacy of stem cell therapy for the joints?

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Hello @jreed, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Great questions for people in this group!

Here is a link to conversation on Stem Cell Therapy taking place on another thread within the Bones, Joints and Muscles group-

In addition, here is a link to an article and talk on Stem Cell Therapy at Mayo Clinic- and treatment for Osteoarthritis of the hip treatment options at Mayo Clinic-

I would also like to introduce you to members @winning, @talan and @bonlgd. All members who are here talking about Stem Cell Therapy

@jreed, have you thought about a second opinion for your Ortho MD care?
I understand your concerns and wish you well with your decision making. What ever the end decision is…please keep us updated so we can learn from your experiences.


Hi ive been waiting on back surgery at mayos sense feburary..they scheduled it for june 7th. ive been off work all this time not able to hardly do tues they call me and tell me after all this time that my bmi is to high to do surgery. If I dont get surgery ill never go bavk to work or do anythings I if anybody csn give me suggestions I would be greatful thank you

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