cleaning/rinsing aerobika and nebulizer

Posted by terryb1 @128128terry11t, Jul 9, 2018

About a year ago I asked the following question on this forum: must you use boiled or distilled water when cleaning and rinsing the aerobika and nebulizer? Many responded that it was necessary to use boiled water while others stated that they do not. Someone recently informed me that she asked her dr from Mayo this specific question and the doctor responded that mac does not live on dry plastic and thus it would not be necessary to use boiled water for cleaning and rinsing. Many months ago when I asked Dr. Falkinham, a highly respected microbiologist; I believe that he answered that it would be prudent to use boiled water. I just re-emailed Dr. Falkinham to make certain that he indeed does think this is necessary. For those of us who use boiled water, what do you do when traveling? What have others heard from their doctors about this? What do many of our members do?
Looking forward to reading the responses and thank you. Terry

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@128128terry11t , Hi Terry. I pre-wash mine with hot soap & water, then soak them in vinegar for 30 mins. I have multiple cups & mouthpiece sets for nebulizing. I rotate them and them do a vinegar soak. Take multiples with you when traveling and switch them out. Wash with hot soapy water.

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