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Posted by @patdon1, Apr 6, 2012

I have end-stage liver failure from cirrhosis. I have constant buildup of fluid in my abdomen, which they drain periodically, about 8 liters at a time. I feel like I’m 11 months pregnant most of the time — cannot get comfortable. I also have weakness and extreme muscle wasting, big red lesions all over my arms, bowel incontinence. I am so miserable. I would like to get support from others who are going through this. Ironically, I am a non-drinker.


Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor

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Posted by @rosemarya, Apr 6, 2012

Are you and your doctors considering a transplant?


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Posted by @anon26628277, Apr 6, 2012

Salt is not your friend. Make sure u r on a very low sodium diet. It really helped my husband before his transplant. God bless and don’t give up matter what.

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