Cirrhosis of the liver?

Posted by Lisa @techi, Oct 20, 2018

I was admitted to the hospital 3 times in the last 2 months. For a fall, abdominal pain which turned out to appendix surgery and just a few days ago for bradycardia which is something new to me. Well the fall l noticed on my discharge papers it said liver disease, hepatic encephalopathy, cirrhosis of the liver, portal vein and of course TIA, brain Injury, viral encephalitis. So this was a little confusing to me since your doctor always says everything is fine. Oh and l forgot to say l had elevated liver 3 times. So l asked my new gp and he didn't want to see me the first appt so l had to come the next day. He said my chart was to detailed so he needed to read it further. Well this seemed silly since he knew about my appointment 1 weeks ago and you are picking up patients from the previous doctor. So now what l was saying l asked him l have a new diagnosis on my chart and it's a little confusing, l have on there cirrhosis of the liver. He tells me all the liver diagnoses are the same. Well first of all my first gastroenterologist told me after l had my biopsy l didn't have cirrhosis. The last year l went to the mayo clinic again no cirrhosis. Now when l see my hepatologist at home everything was fine after my routine follow up but no mention of cirrhosis but when l am falling and having elevated ammonia levels then l assume that's when it comes documentary on my chart. So l had to have appendix surgery and l thought well this is crazy a women of my age appendicitis. So l had the surgery and the surgeon tell me at follow up. The radiologist didn't agree with me you should have had the surgery because you had stool on your appendix but no was you wont have to have your appendix removed. But she said l know it should have been done. Again just a little confusing. Now this last hospital visit since l went to the other one l had a great experience it was the heart hospital. And l had to go there because a doctor at another er felt comfortable l hax a workup there because of my heart rate. She get as the golden star. So going to this hospital it's as professional as it can get especially where l live. So when l was transferring by emsa l asked the perimedic about all these diagnoses of my liver is it possible to be the same. I trusted him more that my doctors and he told no but l guess if there is something else going on it could. Well the question is what????. So the cardiologist at th he heart high hospital great doctor. He knew my problem or maybe you might say medical history. He tells me l am going to do a workup on you and you will know about your liver and heart. I will be looking at all the veins connected to these origins. Yeah l hit the lottery a doctor who has sense and put there patients before there payment. So he did th he test and he said my heart checked out and my liver enzymes were normal but keep you eeg appointment with your hepatologist at the mayo clinic. After he wanted to follow up with my hepatologist at home. I explained to him l am going to be going to Minnesota on Sunday. He told me well l better get you out of the hospital so you can go to Minnesota. He asked me If l had to make my appointment when l got there. I told him no it's all setup. I know when my first appointment starts to last one for Monday. He was surprised about all of that. I told him l am going to see the same hepatologist l saw before that found the problem with my shunt just one. So l don't know if anyone has went through having no cirrhosis and then having cirrhosis how can this happen without a second biopsy and no notification. I kno was God has put an angel over me to watch out for my behalf and also my mouth. I appreciate anyone help in this matter to help me understand if this is possible and what cod cause it? Thanks for understanding my dilemma and l pray for everyone who has to go through this madness

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Hi, Lisa. I am sorry to hear of your continuing complicated health situation. It is only natural for you to feel confused when dealing with such a variety of medical terminology and variety of issues and medical providers.

I have found some information about Preparing for your Appointment in the Mayo Clinic Patient Care and Health Information: It is in the Diagnosis and Treatment Section where you will find – Preparing for your appointment
-What you can do (preparation)
-Questions to ask your doctor
-What to expect from your doctor
I especially encourage you to write down your questions ahead of time, and take someone with you who can be a responsible 'extra' set of ears. From my own experience it can be easy to get lost in the details especially when I'm nervous in a doctor office. For me, it is also helpful to have someone to rview my questions beforehand so they are also familiar with y main concerns. They might be able to offer their own input. I do this every time I go to a doctor and it works well for me.

Lisa, How does this sound to you?

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