Cirrhosis of the liver

Posted by jazzmanfla @jazzmanfla, Nov 6, 2020

I had a Fibrosure blood test that indicated that I had F 4 Cirrhosis. I have read online that this is a highly reliable test for cirrhosis. Does anyone know anything about the Fibrosure test? I am scheduled to have an MRI, blood tests and liver biopsy at Mayo soon. I have also read that the Fibroscan test is more reliable than a biopsy in diagnosing cirrhosis because the Fibroscan gives the "big picture" of the liver while the biopsy only tests a small sample of the liver. Does anyone know anything about this?

Everything went ok. Biopsy not as painful as I expected given that they basically stick a fishing pole down your jugular vein. Although blood tests and imaging done in my town indicated that I had Stage 4 Cirrhosis, the liver biopsy at Mayo said I had Stage 2 Fibrosis. Fibrosis is scarring of the liver. Stage 0 is no scarring, 1 is mild scarring, 2 is moderate scarring. 3 is advanced scarring and 4 is cirrhosis. So I am better than I expected to be. I have an appointment with Hepatologist 12/7 to discuss the diagnosis and what I can do to stop the progression to cirrhosis. There are no medications available to eliminate the scarring and once scarring has occurred the liver cannot regenerate the scars away. So I will see what he says. Thanks for asking.

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