circulation, portal hepatic fistula

Posted by Lisa @techi, Jul 27, 2017

Last Saturday l couldn’t sleep my legs where numb and my back was hurting. At first l thought it was bed so l went to my other bedroom that had a harder mattress. Then l couldn’t breath, l took both my inhalers and still was having difficulty breathing. So my husband went to the hospital. When the triage nurse check me she said my oxgen level was 100% and my pressure was normal. So they took me back in the emergency room. The nurse drew my blood and they did a EKG. After while the doctor said one of my test was abnormal so he wanted to and Ultrasound to see if l had any blood clots. Then when l got back to the room my blood pressure went to186/100 so they gave me a clordine . My pressure has never gone of that high. Then he came back in and said everything was ok, l had COPD exacerbation and something else l forgot. But it seems kind of strange he gave me a prescription for Predisone and l hear several people on the discussion say they have to take it. Is that for the autoimmune disease, circulation of your legs or blood clots. Because he told me to see my general practice doctor to follow-up instead my pulmonagist.. I was told by the cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic and my personal cardiologist that l don’t have DVT. Now when l come back to the Mayo Clinic l have to and Ultrasound of my stomach because they was talking about hepatic portal fistula. They where saying at the Mayo Clinic it my extra vein in my liver and that l am aware that l have extra veins in my liver. Has anybody had this or heard of this? You know of l have to listen to my cd. Total Praise!!! And l look at how after all the suffering Job went through God gave him back double that he lost and he received his health back. But l am still blessed l wasn’t meant to be here several times l almost died so l am grateful for all blessing. And all this is to help someone else who is going through.

Hello Lisa (@techi) – that must have been scary for you and your husband. I’m so glad that it turned out OK and you are able to share the story. I have not heard extra veins in the liver. Hoping some others have heard of this. I did a search on Google Scholar ( and I did see a link about a diagnosis by Doppler imaging –


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