Circadian Rhythm Problems

Posted by sharlynn62 @sharlynn62, Feb 12, 2018

Even though I am not a night shift worker, I have chronic insomnia because I seem to have my days and nights backwards. I function during the day and I don’t take naps, however, I’m fatigued, somewhat sluggish and not motivated to do much of anything. Granted, I also have depression and these are symptoms of this illness, too, however, often I am much more alert at night, I have an incredible appetite (I don’t each much during the day) and my mind is much clearer. Most nights, I don’t go to bed until 2:30 or 3 a.m. Anyone else experience this?

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Hi, @sharlynn62 — that sounds really tough to have chronic insomnia and feel like your body has its days and nights backwards. A few others who have talked about insomnia/circadian rhythm problems and might have some thoughts for you on this are: @taterjoy, @jerbobs, @arachel, @sandytoes14,@IndianaScott, @johnwburns, @davidwhitehurstbrown, @johnmauney, and @barsta. Hoping you can connect here in this discussion.

How long has your body been functioning this way?


@sharlynn62 I have had similar problems in the past but now my problems are different — I wake up and my mind races keeping me awake for a couple of hours or more, then I end up exhausted the next day and have to nap. It’s frustrating because often I want to go to a water class at 9:00 but I’m so tired I feel woozy. I have had some personal stresses recently that are my primary problem.
When I was experiencing more of what you are going through I had to force myself to get to bed earlier and it did help. If I am not active during the day I get very sluggish but if I get out and do things, particularly go to my health club and do water exercise, it helps a lot. I do find that I need to take naps frequently either from getting sluggish from lack of activity, or from fatigue from a lot of activity! If I can keep busy and avoid a nap I sleep better at night.
I am perhaps over-simplifying and it’s possible that our problems are not alike but this is how mine is. I think some of us are just naturally “night owls”. My mother was and even being the youngest of 4 I was often the one who stayed up late with her on Saturday nights watching “Your Hit Parade”! How many of you remember that show? 🙂

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