Cindi, My name is Diane. I was diagnosed in 2000@Mayo. I have

Posted by DMS675 @dms675, Feb 20, 2013

Cindi, My name is Diane. I was diagnosed in 2000@Mayo. I have been through the mill.In the hospital more then out. Oh my diagnisis is MCTD. Up to a few years ago I had a horse, moved 50lbs.bales of hay, and rode everyday. That is all in the past! My MD thought I was out of my mind, (because of the inherent Risk factor). I also took care of my parents and their 14 room house. I cannot explain how I did things.

I think having my horse saved my life in more ways then I know.

In 2010 while cleanig out my parents house, a little scratch became a huge hole within 72hrs. I had MRSA now for the 3rd time. Ten months in the hospital,4 surgeries. and 45 days in hyperbaric treatments. I still view life everyday with wonder and amazement. @cindia1

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Diane~ Great to hear from you. Thanks for your response.

I totally understand about the lifeline concept. While I am a very strong Christian and have faith in God to see me through everything, I am thankful that He has provided my life jackets so to say. Yours is your horse, parents, house, etc. Mine are my grandchildren. As well as my husband and three grown children;

It does get old at times (the pain, fatigue and frustration) but I take not only one day at a time but sometimes 1 minute! It seems like every time I go to the doctor, they are diagnosing more problems. I have 4 cancer issues going on right now (where they are watching and concerned I may have or develop cancer in 4 different regions) and am facing 1 major surgery and 1 not so minor. And of course, like you well know, even a minor surgery becomes a huge issue with our health problems.

I will be thinking of you and saying a prayer. I love the way you view life. What else can we do? I will NOT give up and I will NOT succumb to self pity. However, I will admit that I have my moments, my days. The key is not staying there!

Thanks for writing.



HI Cindi, I am so happy u responeded. Having faith is so importent. One never knows why lifefor one person is easier than for another. Prior to being in the hospital for 10 months my Dad had just passed away. I was looking forward to finally living my life and not living for my parents, selling the house etc..

That was not in the cards. While I was in the hospital I had identity thief occur, the person who was to look after the house did not and the pipes froze, blowing out 4 floors of wallls,and flooded 6 rooms. Consequently, I lost everything. Because the infection was so extreme when I was finally out I had to avoid going to the barn. Eventually my beloved JJ died of a broken heart.

I would wake up on a Monday and tell myself I have made it through another day (but actually think it was Tuesday). I found this most helpful. Circumstances have now changed and improved. I wake up every morning and go to bed every night on my knees.

The will to survive is so strong and the events since 2010 have made me only stronger.

My prayers are with you. Keep the faith.

Is there any specific time this site has a forum? They had in the past. I believe it was Tuesday or Thursday nights.

Take care.



Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I am not sure on any times for this forum. I am all new to this. Let me know of any suggestions that may help me learn the ropes on here!

I am so sorry for everything that you have had to go through. It sounds like your life has really been through much of what I have lived. While we are going through these terrible things, we think we can never survive or wonder how we will make it. But we do and we will and we ARE stronger. You are proof. Good for you!

Did you see the latest reply from Lynnie? Sounds like she needs a friend.

Take care of yourself and please keep in touch.


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