CIDP and the Covid Vaccine

Posted by dellinger @dellinger, Mar 18 2:02pm

<p>My husband has the auto immune disease. While he had severe neuropathy problems years ago, his problems are minor now, but this is chronic and can be triggered again. His Doctor really can't say whether the vaccine could trigger his CIDP. Anyone have experience with this situation? Thank you.</p>


There are different forms of neuropathy. One doctor said (after EMG a year ago) that it was probably not neuropathy. My concern is getting the second dose.

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@francescazama I completely understand. Since you haven't been diagnosed with CIPD or neuropathy, I would invite you to consider joining one of these discussions that may allow you to better connect with members whose experiences align with yours.

– To Vaccinate or Not, That is the Question:
Since the symptoms you mention are also experienced by members with neuropathy, this may also be worth reading through and joining.

– COVID Vaccines and Neuropathy:


Thank you So much. I will read the links and I also have another EMG next week which may shed light. So far, no diagnosis and I am just worried about getting the 2nd dose if that would cause things to kick in more.

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