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Churg-Strauss syndrome

Posted by @annie22, Nov 18, 2011

After being ill with cronic cough, Sinus problems ,eosinophilia ,Biopsy of sinus & lungs, shortness of breath, and long term predesone use for over 6 years. the Drs. are now looking at Churg-Strauss syndrome. I am 65 years old, find I am using more & more inhaled stredroids, & breathing treatments for less & less quailty of life. Anyone out there suffering from this, or have any additional info on this.



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Posted by @css, Mar 13, 2012

Annie, I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 55, but hadn’t felt well for about 10 years. I am beginning to use inhaled steroids more, too. Mine is mainly wearing leg braces for drop foot, hearing aids, sore shoulders, retinal problems caused by needing cataract surgery due to the prednisone then the YAG procedure on the eyes. Just found a new doctor in Santa Barbara who has treated CSS patients before. Am taking 5 mg. of prednisone and cellcept, too. Are you tired a lot? I get some information from the CSS website. This is a lonesome disease, haven’t found anyone in my county with it.


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Posted by @imogene, Apr 27, 2012

I had a cough for years and found a small polp on my vocal cords,after removing it I was cought free for about 5 years,then after a cold i started coughing again non stop except at night.I have been on breathing machines steroids,inhalers,and they finally said I had asthma,i could not go out to eat because I coughed so much after eating, thinking maybe I was allergic to some types of food.I finally told the Dr. that I was going to take an allergy medicine and wanted to clear this up.He changed my inhaler and after taking the allergy medicine(claritin reditabs 12 hr) once a day andd using my new inhaler (Pulmicort Flexhaler 180mg) twice a day I am now cough free. I do not miss a day taking this. I feel I have a new life and have so much more energy. Do drink a lot of water. I do hope you will try this it has worked for me!

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