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Chronic urticaria

Posted by @cdavaine, Jun 3, 2012

I was diagnosed with chronic urticaria approximately ten years ago. After being highly medicated for years, I tried a full body cleanse. My urticaria disappeared. That was two years ago. It recently came back and I’m about to being the cleanse again to see if it really was what helped.

Everything I read about chronic urticaria lists all kinds of reactions, causes, etc. however, I experience a very unusual effect at night which makes me feel I’ m going to die at any second. The doctors I have seen don’t acknowledge my experience. It’s kind of like, oh, ok.

Here is what happens:

I wake up from a sound sleep. No transition, just wide awake. My heart starts beating exceptionally fast. I feel a very hot rush of something, maybe blood building up in my chest as it tightens, I can feel this flow of extreme heat rise from chest and move towards my brain. I can’t move , nor can I breathe when this happens. Once it reaches the top of my head it stops. I lay there thinking I’m going to die and wondering if I have an aneurism. Once it stops, it takes a couple of seconds to start breathing again. I have a hard time catching my breath. My chest is very tight and I begin coughing for several minutes. Although all this seems like an eternity, I know it happens within a minute or two. It’s scary! This only happens when I’m asleep and when the urticaria is the most ggrevating.

Does anyone else have this experience? Just wondering if it is common and if there is a way to make it stop.


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