Chronic subjective dizziness

Posted by John L @johnl1, Mar 17, 2013

February 2013. After years of experiencing unexplained “dizziness,” my words, I just received the diagnosis of CSD. It became intolerable this last fall, I was unable to function. Everyone around me was so pleased to have a label for it, I was hoping for more, like relief. At this site I have seen reference to Xanax and klonopin, but not Sertraline. I’m planning on trying Sertraline, I’m surprised there is no mention of it here.

I figured I had Meniers desease, they say no, because it’s not episodic; it’s constant. And they claim ear damage can’t explain my symptoms. Yet I have been told by friends that they know of others, who probably have ear damage (from running chainsaws for years) complain of constant dizziness. Guess I still wonder about that.

breath air, eat food,

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Welcome to Connect, @krissmith12. May I ask if you could share more about yourself? Have you been diagnosed with cervicogenic or chronic subjective dizziness? Insights about managing this condition?

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I had a neurologist mention CSD, don't remember any official diagnosis. An ENT put Meniere's disease on my records, but explained "it's not a disease, it's a syndrome and you have to put something down for the insurance company." Another neurologist Dr. Bigley in Reno NV said "you probably have meneire's disease." I trust Dr. Bigley; and there are some mysteries no one can figure out.

For CSD I tried Sertraline, I have gone back to imipramine for depression, I quit it because I thought maybe it was the cause for the dizziness. I think the only thing we can do is try to adjust our life to make life doable; with the dizziness, depression, etc. For the past year I have doubled my drinking to cope. Now I know I need to stop drinking. It only offers temporary relief and it has its own consequences.

I worked with chainsaws for twenty years, so have ear damage. I also believe I have a problem with anxiety; could be many causes for that. Came from the dysfunctional family thing (alcoholism). Did Alanon for 7 years and County Mental Health. My father killed himself prior to letting Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) diminish him further, shortly afterward my depression became an issue. (at 30 years of age started imipramine, on it now at 63) I wish I had answers; I want to proceed as if there was none, and do it successfully. What ever it is, I don't want to do any harm. Motto: do no harm. And the winter season makes everything worse SAD seasonal affective disorder. Had one Doctor suggest bi-polar but mild. I won't argue with that. Perhaps this year I will try the light for SAD. Plan on hanging tough til spring. I don't like driving. So, keep it simple, find mysteries that are entertaining.

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