Chronic SBO even after surgery and low residue diet

Posted by loganoleary @loganoleary, May 24, 2022

Hello, I've been suffering from SBO for over 2 decades now, the 1st 'diagnosed' was when I was 24 thou I am sure I had obstructions before that. It was originally cause when I had surgery as an infant for Pyloric Stinosis ( a very rare disease that seals the tube leading from your stomach to large intestine that apparently only happens to 1 of every 10'000 first born males) So when at 24 I was in the ER they thought at 1st it was a stomach flu, gave me an iv to rehydrate me, sent me home. 2 days later I was back for emergency surgery. It was SBO.
My GI put me on a low residue diet but I still get the obstructions….more recent but I did go over 2 years without one at all. It's odd, I'm a Chef and sailor, when I'm away at sea I am fine, no obstructions, but the past 3 times I'm home I seem to get one?! I'm trying to nail it down….I avoid all veggies and most fruits ( unless in a shake) Maybe its size of meals or more take out? I find on the boat I hardly eat anything and often have to remind myself to eat! Comes with being a Chef honestly, I cook all day when I'm done I don't want to even look at food lol. I made smoked ribs, pork belly on my home smoker two nights ago….I was fine then had the munchies at 2 am, I had 2 pieces of the smoked pork belly some potato salad …then 2 hours later the cramping started…could it be the pork belly? to fatty? to rich or the onions in the potatoe salad? Should I eat at home more like I do on the boat? Very small meals avoid take out ect? any help would be great thank you all.


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Hi Logan, sounds like you got the nail on the head with the changes you might try to make. If you do well on the boat, maybe try replicating that diet as much as possible. Your 'home' diet looks very rich and fatty to me. Let us know how you do if you stick to your "boat diet" at home. Good luck! Tiss

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