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Chronic Pain

Posted by @luckydaug in Just Want to Talk, Oct 18, 2011

I have had bilateral sciatica for three years. I experience burning, tingling, sharp pain in my legs; however, when it is at its worst it seems to involve my whole spine. The pain radiates into my neck and the inflammation makes my nose stuffy. I also get burning and acid reflux in my stomach. I have explained these syptoms to four neurosurgeons. All have stated that they do not see any significant nerve impingement; however, my feet go numb as well. They also state that there is no correlaltion between the back and neck. They have diagnosed me with degerative disk disease, five bulging disks, and an annular tear. Would this cause this extreme spinal discomfort and strange neurlogical symtoms without nerve impingement? I have had chronic pain day and night for three years. The pain increases with activity, so most days are spent on the couch. It brings on fatique and depression. Doctor say I am not a surgical canidate. Looking for someone who has similar symptoms, or someone who can explain what is happeing to me. ( I did dance as a hobby for over twenty five years, and also taught briefly, tap, ballet, jazz, modern. Could this contribute to this pain I now have?)

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Posted by @starlight, Oct 21, 2011

Your symptoms do seem to qualify as part and parcel of degenerative disc disease. I too have lumbar disc degeneration. My diagnosis came right out of the blue about 9 years ago. I also have pain in my neck at times, and this is caused from cervical spinal stenosis. I have several pinched nerves in my lower lumbar spine and also have lumbar spinal stenosis. (which is narrowing of the spinal cord caused by the pinched nerves and osteophytes that have grown on my spine). Basically I have herniated discs in my entire spine. I think it depends upon the individual's biology so to speak as to what medical challenges they may face in their lifetime. I would think that the exercise you had when dancing would have been the best for you. But it would also depend upon whether your bones were strong throughout your life, if you smoked during your life time, or consumed alcohol. Both of these tend to soften the bones. I was an office assistant and secretary for 40 years, so I spent lots of my days sitting at an office desk. And I really didn't do much exercise when I was working. Now I know, that was a big mistake. Sitting for all of those years certainly wasn't good for my spine. I also have developed idiopathic scoliosis over this period of time. Both of these medical conditions can be inherited, however, most doctors would say that wear and tear on the body over a long period of time, can contribute to these medical challenges.I have arthritis throughout my spine and body. I have practiced body/mind/spirit psychology since my diagnosis. I too have chronic pain. Some of my pain is from Osteoarthritis of the spine, hips, knees and feet. I only focus on the "moment", and not the past nor the future. I try hard to put my focus on positive energy and something constructive to keep myself busy during the day. I web surf, play video games on my Wii Station (used to have a Play Station), and do some sort of exercise each day. I have to use a walker some of the time, especially when I am out of my home because scoliosis and spinal stenosis prevent me from walking like a normal person. I committed to doing exercise each day this past Spring and Summer. I take my walker and go walking for about 20-30 minutes each day. Exercise will help to keep one's mind off the pain that we experience. And most of all it keeps the joints more limber. I am not a believer in pain medication, so I don't take any meds other than an aspirin on occasion. Like most people who have these challenges, I also experience some nights of sleeping problems because I cannot settle like I would like to. My lower back pain sometimes causes my legs to be restless and my ankles and feet also hurt. I try to put on some type of socks on my ankles, not my feet when this happens to me and I also use Ben Gay, or something similar to reduce pain. The doctors have not given me many options for my challenges either. I was given the option of shots in my back, but won't do it. I've read too many negatives about that. I also opted out of meds like Celebrex because they tear up my stomach. If you are taking meds such as this, that may be the reason for your acid reflux. I also have researched that subject as to scoliosis, and when the spine and ribs turn due to the scoliosis, one can experience stomach acid. I do feel for you that you have the medical challenges you do. I hope sharing this information with you will be of some help.


Posted by @luckydaug, Oct 24, 2011

Thank you for your response starlight. I have been to see so many doctors, and I am on several medications for pain. I don't like taking medicine, but it keeps the inflammation down. I too worked for over twenty years at a job that required sitting all day. I know that sitting is hard on the lower back. I feel the combination of my dancing years and work years has somehow caused this problem. I am currently doing biofeedback which has helped with my pain as well as depression. Walking is the hardest for me to do. Before this happened to me, I used to walk three miles every other day. Now it is so difficult for me to walk at all. When I walk for any distance, my pain increases the next day. It is a delayed reation. I have had shots in my lumbar spine; you are wise not to have them. They only caused me to have increased pain. They did not help at all. You have inspired me to keep trying. My heart goes out to you as well as others who have this terrible pain.


Posted by @nancyd, Oct 28, 2011

I ave these problems also. I think the injections help alittle for about 6 weeks. I would try to see a FeldenKrais specailist. I sleep with a folded towel under my lower back and a pillow under my knees.This also helps


Posted by @luckydaug, Oct 29, 2011

I just recently read about FeldenKrais on the internet. Never knew about this form of exercise or therapy. I am trying to look into this where I live; howver, I can't seem to find any place that uses this technique. Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep looking.

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