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Chronic Pain Patient who lost his doctor

Posted by @stratman63, Sep 20, 2011

Hello. I’ll try to keep a VERY long story short, for now. I am a chronic pain sufferer (back, pelvis) of 14 years. After years of uncaring, unresponsive doctors, and being accused of drug seeking and addiction, I finally found an MD who listened and cared. We tried many things, but finally landed on a combination on meds that worked. I have been functioning well for 5+ years now, with good pain control. Problem is, my doctor took a new position outside of Mayo and is no longer available to me. Now I am back to where I was 14 years ago, with doctors in Austin either refusing to consider continuing my meds or refusing to see me entirely. We have checked with other Mayo outlets, same story. I have been thru pain clinics twice, they don’t work for me. Why is it so hard to find an open minded doctor at Mayo, who believes that sometimes you just have to treat the pain itself?? Is there ANYBODY at Mayo that will listen??



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Posted by @sociallyskilled, Dec 13, 2011

I can’t help, but I just got fired from one of my doctors for being in too much pain, so I can understand where you’re coming from.


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Posted by @paula807, Aug 31, 2012

Hi. I am a newbie. Was wondering what you mean by getting fired for being in too much pain, socially skilled?


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Posted by @pbailey, Jul 6, 2012

I understand how frustrating, emotionally painful, and frightening this is. I lost my doctor of 10 years because of issues over Medicare. I wish I could help but I am in the same boat. A part of me just wants to treat myself and find a doctor who is willing to just write prescriptions (I don’t take narcotics) but I also know how helpful a doctor can be if we have formed a good working relationship. It just takes so much time and energy to form that relationship.


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Posted by @gatha, Aug 31, 2012

Maybe you should look outside Mayo as well.

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