Chronic pain five years post knee replacement

Posted by diana61 @diana61, Jul 13, 2021

Five years ago I had a TKR. My pain is worse now than before the surgery. I've tried multiple rounds of physical therapy, knee braces, compression wraps etc. I've also tried nerve ablation but nothing has helped. The chronic pain has greatly impacted my activities. I'm out of ideas on how to improve this pain. Any ideas?

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@diana61 I would like to welcome you to Connect. I have not had knee replacements, but I am a surgical patient for a spine issue and an ankle fracture at different times. Surgical scar tissue does create scar tissue in fascia and that holds tight and keeps the body from moving properly which does cause pain. There is a type of physical therapy, myofascial release, which stretches the fascia which has helped not only me, but many other patients. Here is a link to our discussion and the first pages are packed with information about MFR. Give it a look and see what you think. If you have questions about it please ask.

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