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Chronic non-healing wounds?

Posted by @arieon69, Feb 25, 2013

I hope to get some advice shed on a terrible plague I’ve been dealing with for quite awhile. So, here goes nothing!

Im a 22 year old female. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 12-13 I was and still am onRemicade for my treatment. Most of my teenage years I dealt with boils and abscesses forming on my armpit, as I got older however, the abscesses began to appear on my vaginal area. In Summer of 2009 I had developed a terrible bacterial infection which consisted of abscesses and a fistula. I don’t know what happened. It started as one abscess that my doc didn’t want to lance, but instead give me antibiotics in hopes that it’d go away on its own. I’ve always gotten them lanced and they’d only appear maybe once or three times a year tops. Nonetheless it didn’t work.

But back to the problem, in 2009 a huge infection hit and I had about 8-10 abscesses trenching and building fluids of infection via my vaginal and perianal area. A colon-rectal surgeon took me into surgery immediately, though I only went to him for a skintag and was unaware of anything else. Needless to say, its 2013 and the wounds… Are NOT healed it looks as it did after 2-3 weeks back in 09, which is fleshy, red, draining, and painful. Every doctor I visit in regards to this, keep telling me they cannot help me. I have no help and no one to turn to. I am prayerful that some will be able to shed some guidance and help me get better.

By the way, I’ve been to different wound clinics and also, apparently Fed. BCBS won’t cover my seemingly only option, hyperbaric chamber..

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Posted by @pamegannp, Mar 18, 2013

Could a silver-collagen wound dressing be applied to your wound? Have you tried this?

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Posted by @xmirt321, Aug 13, 2013

Hello. Any news? Did you manage to heal the wounds? Thank you …

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