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chronic lyme disease -- treatment?

Posted by @jana, Aug 5, 2011

are there clinicians at the mayo clinic to treat chronic lyme disease?
my sister has cld, showing advanced immunosuppression issues, including leaky gut syndrome, 3 virus infections, adrenal fatigue, as well as neurological symptoms , esp. sight impairment, and elevated liver enzymes. she is on ‘herbal’ therapies with her ‘eastern medicine’ doctor, as she says that antibiotic treatments would only weaken her system even more. is there any hope for this 49 year old mother of two?



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Posted by @eliottpeacock, Oct 2, 2011

check here:

Also, book “Healing Lyme” by Stephen Harrod Buhner provides a treatment protocol that may interest her. I have chronic lyme and the education provided by the book is empowering. The author recommends antibiotics in conjunction with an herbal protocol.

Best to her and you!


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Posted by @bigbird, Nov 7, 2012

we have a Dr here in Iowa but they are trying to take his license away for treating lyme disease. I have seen people that he treated and are so much better and I was getting better until my insurance would not pay for the IV treatment anymore because Iowa is not a lyme literate state and they do not have to follow the guidelines. If you have lyme be careful because it is contagious as Dr.s say that it is’nt because they have not done any studies to show that it is. I gave it to my wife and she is now bed ridden.


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Posted by @bpritikin, Jan 2, 2013

Mayo does not believe in treating with long term antibiotics. Was just there and they did not want to address lyme. They only spoke of pain management to treat symptoms but would not acknowledge chronic lyme. I have 3 positive igg bands on western blot, which does not meet their CDC criteria for lyme. Very frustrating.


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Posted by @searching, Mar 25, 2012

I have lyme and antibiotics really help. You have to stop the bacteria from spreading. The sooner the better.

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