chronic low back pain

Posted by lorettabl @lorettabl, Oct 5, 2016

i have had two radio frequency procedures on my back but they didnt last long. are there other avenues i can take for the pain. the doctors say i have osteoarthritis.

My knee and shoulder Dr. told me my fat can be put in my knee for
osteoarthritis to *relieve* pain. $4500. no insurance.

Will still just try for stem cells – $2000. no insurance. Just sayin.


Hello lorettabl and welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and your concerns with low back pain.

I would like you to meet @predictable, @undiagnosed_pain, @sandytoes14, and @amberpep who all have discussed back pain and how they cope with it recently. You may also want to check out these recent threads regarding back pain therapies and ways other members of Connect distract themselves from their pain:

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Lorettabl, what other types of therapies have you tried other than the radio frequency procedures? Could you tell us more about yourself and your pain? How long have you had the pain? What sort of activities make the pain worse?

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