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Chronic head pain

Posted by @sun711, Aug 16, 2011

I have been diagnosed with occipital neuralgia. After going through every medication,pt exercise, acupuncture and nerve block injections. Nothing has helped. Now my pain specialist is advising a neru stimulator implant in my head. I’m wondering if anyone has had this treatment and how they feel about it.

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Posted by @supraorbital, Aug 29, 2011

I Have bi-lateral supra-orbital neuralgia. I have had a trial with a neuro-stimulator. Even though my pain is double-sided, the trial was only for one side. Yes… helped. I have been through what you have and more. wasnt a dream come true. I havent had the permanent yet, but the trial did help. It helped because it took away the pain that was “taking me over the edge”, it made my pain “liveable.” I dont know if that makes sense. My name is supraorbital on this site if we want to be friends. I am sure our pain is very similar. I have been in pain for over three years.


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Posted by @ozme, Dec 19, 2011

My husband had this and received two nerve blocks. This got rid of his pain in his neck, but not the body pain which nobody can diagnose.

24-7 headache

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Posted by @247headache, Jan 14, 2012

I had nerve extraction surgery in August at Georgetown University Hospital. i developed occipital neuralgia after brain surgery in 2010. I exhausted all treatments like meds, nerve blocks, ablations…then I saw a doctor on tv who was doing this new procedure where he either goes in and makes space around the nerve to alleviate pain or he extracts the nerve. Because my greater and two lesser occipital nerves were severed during surgery, I was a candidate for the extraction. It was outpatient surgery. As supraorbital said, it made my pain livable on most days. I have to take each day hour by hour with different degrees of pain, but reduced a lot from before the extraction. The doctor’s name is Dr. Ducic. if you want to know any more about it, I’d be happy to share.

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