Chronic cough for 16 years from sinus drainage

Posted by tngirl630 @tngirl630, Nov 8, 2018

Have had a cough for 16 + years. Been to ENT doctors – Allergist, had shots. Tried Nasal sprays, inhalers, Etc Nothing has worked. Even had Nissen Fundoplication surgery 7 yrs ago because they thought it might be acid reflux. My cough has actually gotten worse in the past few years!! Don't what else to to. It is miserable and embarrassing to live with this cough and work a full time job sucking on cough drops constantly!!!

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Hi @tngirl630, have you tried sinus irrigation? I have had chronic sinusitis for more than 13 years with a significant cough every 30 minutes. After using the basic neti pot, squeeze pottles and nasal sprays for a couple of years I was getting the best relief from the sinus irrigation. The problem was I didn't use irrigation regularly enough because of the hassle of preparation and clean up. I now successfully using the Nextsinus irrigation system which allows me to cleanse my sinuses 4 to 5 times a day resulting in my cough going from every 30 minutes to every 2 to 3 hours. With the Nextsinus system I am able to mix a gallon of sterile saline solution, enough for 30 uses without having to prep and clean. Read what the American Rhinologic Society has to say about sinus irrigation and other sinus procedures. @silvertimes2

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