Christmas gift of Colon Cancer Stage 3

Posted by not2ruthless @not2ruthless, Jan 24 11:14am

Hi all, new to this group. Have learned a lot so wanted to first say thanks!! After a colonoscopy FINALLY, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in upper ascending colon, they attempted laparoscopic surgery to remove it, but found it was too close to abdomen side wall to cut around. So, next… will be 3-5 months???? of immunotherapy (Keytruda) to try to shrink it somewhat first. I have had two treatments thus far and thus far no big side effects. I was experiencing some pretty bad pain from the tumor but that has subsided this week. (I was sure keeping Advil company in business tho!!) My understanding is that immunotherapy works quite slowly compared to chemo, so hard to believe any changes in tumor could have already happened?? Am more than willing to share what I have learned and/or experiences during this process . Thanks again for this resource!! Ruth

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You have a great attitude! I am also on Keytruda w/ Avastin. It's all manageable. In fact for my 51st bday last week, I took myself on an 8 mile two peak hike in SoCal (escaping Chicago winter helps w/ the neuropathy in extremities).
Keep hydrated, keep attractive, and keep smiling.

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