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Nono to nono

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Chin hair

Posted by @nonotonono, Sep 19, 2012

I had a few chin hairs a few years back ,went and had electrolosis which helped they were never much of a problem extremely fine and barely noticeable.occasionally I plucked them.A couple of months ago I watched an ad for something called the nono on tv I have never ordered anything from a commercial before but this product seemed so incredible so I went ahead and ordered it.Omg it’s awful within a day of using it I had burn marks and scratches all over my chin,worse stil I awoke the next day to stubble.I complained to the company they sent me an email a week later saying this never happens.My problem now is I have to use it twice a day or you see stubble,and I don’t know what to do its ruining my life.Im to embarrassed to tell anyone I won’t hug my kids in case they feel it.I won’t let my husband near me……plz help what should I do?


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