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Childhood obesity. Needs. Need grams to calculate a diet

Posted by @miamirn, Aug 17, 2011

I am trying to make a diet for my grandson. I want to figure it out by fat, carbohydrate and protein grams. He has just turned 9 and is moderately athletic. I need to know how many calories he should have for his age and height. I need to know how many calories he should eat for him to loose weight. His doctor has prescribed a 3,000 calorie diet, but I think it’s too much. He also has not given me his diet in grams. It’s hard to measure foods without knowing how many grams he needs as all foods from the grocery labels are in grams. Is there anyone that can help me figure this out?

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Posted by @jessie090386, Sep 17, 2011

their is a website to help you track calories that i used with my daughter. it is it is a good website that you log in their food intake and it calculates their calorie intake and you can also log in their physical exercise and it shows you where they at with everything


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Posted by @littledreamer, May 23, 2012

WHOA, 3000 calories? That’s crazy, especially if you are trying to get him to lose weight. Check out It’s more up-to-date than MyPyramid and is easier to understand. You can learn what counts as a serving there and there is also a calorie tracker.


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Posted by @hrsaic, Sep 3, 2013

Bright Futures in Practice: Nutrition Pocket Guide available at provides information on improving nutrition for infants, children, and adolescents.

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