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Chiari Malformation

Posted by @siryeya in Just Want to Talk, Apr 23, 2012

Just found out about it,,,,,,headaches, numbness, lost of vision,,,,I'm stressed I don't want to die at an early age I have 3 BABIES

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Posted by @huntress, May 11, 2012

I was just diagnosed in march 2012 with Arnold Chiari Malformation with 8-9mm on both sides. I am 30 year old mom of 3 children as well... I have done a lot of reading about the dx and no where does it say you can die from it. My symptoms started out of the blue one day at work. I started getting a headache, then it got worse so i took an ibuprofen 800mg. About 1 hour later I started noticing a few things. My left hand went numb then my left foot. Soon my right thumb went numb. My vision was starting to mess with me and it was as if a magnify glass would pass I front of my eyes then go away. I panicked and my boss rushed me to the hospital. I passed out 3 times in the car and once I arrived to the hospital apparently I had seizures for 3 days total. One seizure every 20 minutes lasting only 1/2 minute. By the time I came to on the 4th day, I was told about my dx. The drs in my town are not familiar with the dx therefore I have been referred to San Francisco to UCSF. All the drs I have seen are not saying that my seizures are connected to the Chiari. But it's something to keep in mind! But then again I have 8-9mm. I see the Neuro Surgeon soon and if I get any new information I will be sure to pass it along to you!! Dont stress (even though I too know how you feel), everything will be ok just keep in touch with your dr and if you can see a specialist and get some answers!!! Ttys!


Posted by @razzle51, May 14, 2012

stick with san francisco . good drs at UCSF .. not Mayo . also lots of chiari groups on FB ...

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