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Chiari Malformation 1 and depression?

Posted by @deedeefree, Nov 2, 2016

My 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with Chiari 1 and had decompression surgery 4+ years ago. She still continues to have headaches. She has also had depression/anxiety since middle school. Has anyone else had this combination? If so, did you find they were related?


Welcome Deedeefree,
I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. It is so difficult to see our children in pain. I’m tagging fellow Connect members who are also familiar with Chiari Malformation 1. Please meet @ajgray @luckypeppersi @david33 @maidmarion @loretta61 and @smann68. Also meet @donnak69 who has written about depression and managing chronic pain from Chiari.

Deedee, how does your daughter manage her depression and anxiety?

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