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Chest pain/soreness made worse by talking, cardio exercise

Posted by @alp, Jul 24, 2012

Hello Forum,

For the past six months, I’ve been feeling fatigue/pain in the upper part of my chest — mostly centralized, but it radiates up my neck when it gets really bad. It constantly hurts to inhale and exhale. My lymph node in my chest (by my L clavicle) also starts throbbing when the pain gets bad.

The activity that makes it hurt the most is talking. Cardio exercise (jogging, biking, swimming) also causes pain, which is a feeling of fatigue or being worn out, combined with soreness. Note that the pain doesn’t happen DURING the exercise, but mostly afterward.

I had bronchitis seven months ago (or so I thought… maybe it wasn’t?) and then a cough that lasted into the following month. The cough disappeared, but since then the pain comes and goes by the day. I should also mention that right around the time the “bronchitis” started, I had a very active weekend — hiking, a potluck with a lot of “belly laughs” (which I feel is somehow linked)…

I’ve been treated for asthma (inhalers), pneumonia (antibiotics) and costochondritis (anti-inflammatories), but none of them have worked. The naproxen has helped to diminish the pain, but not get rid of it.

I also have hypermobility in my joints (I’m very flexible) and have had a lot of soft tissue injuries over the years that took a long time to go away (e.g., plantar fasciitis), which is why my doctors thought it might be costochondritis.

Please tell me if you’ve ever experienced something like this! I really need help since the doctors don’t know what to do with me any more.

Thank you!!


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