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Chest pain, SOB and edema.....

Posted by @chevy in Heart & Blood Health, Jan 31, 2013

Chest pain, shortness of breath and lower extremity edema. I have been in and out of the hospital 4 times in the past 7 months. Test out the behind, ekgs, echos, cath lab, upper gi's, ultra sounds. You name the test, I've probably had it done. I finally had my primary care dr send a referral to Mayo, which they have run alot of the same test. Veins are good, pulmonologist says lungs are good.
I go back this week to hear from the cardiologist and internal medicine. We will see? Am I just going nuts? One would think the ER wouldn't keep admitting you if nothing was really wrong, right?


Posted by @anon56837187, Feb 3, 2013

Did you also do the sonogram of the artery of the leg?


Posted by @chevy, Feb 4, 2013

yes. Just got the results from all the test and all the dr's state it's because I'm overweight. Never mind that this stuff started before I gained the weight. I gained about 30 lbs since I quit smoking. Did find out that I have CKD. I must be losing my mind.

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