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Chest pain

Posted by @anican13, Dec 9, 2018

Hi everyone so this is my first post but I wanted to see if someone could help me. So I'm 24 years old and in the military. I used to struggle with a lot of anxiety and worry and therefore it cause some chest pains. The past few months have been good and I havnt really had a episode or even thought about it. But recently for a few weeks I have been experiencing pain by my heart. It's not major but for 1/10 I would say like a 3. I usually last about 20 min or less and then goes away. I get heart palpations at times too but they dont happen while having pain. Both symptoms happen at different times. I'm not sure what it is but its scaring me into think something is wrong with my heart. I know I'm young but still. I have ask other people and they say sometimes they get slight pains but they go away within a few min. So idk if it's normal. Anyways. The pain doesnt radiate or move it's just centralized. Besides the palpations and pain I dont get other symptoms.


Also the pain will be daily or not happen for a week at times. And to be honest it doesnt get worse with running. I feel like when I exercise it doesnt happen as often

Hi @anican13 and welcome to Connect. Your chest pains must be frightening.

I wanted to introduce you to @bbough who has been experiencing similar pain recently. I also wanted to introduce you to @llwortman who has experienced chest pain in the past. They both may be able to relate with you and help support you as you search for answers.

Back to you @anican13, have you spoken to your doctor about this? Is there anything in your life that is causing unnecessary stress?

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