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Mack Daddy

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Chemo & radiation after prostate surgery

Posted by @mackdaddy, Nov 10, 2011

Had Davinci robotic surgery, prostate removed late 2007 (Gleason 4+4) at Mayo (Rochester) Dr. Frank and fantastic experience all the way. All went well, no bladder control issues but a substantial loss of erictile function. Life seems good but every since operation my PSA numbers never have been undetectable and have been increasing since. Post surgery PSA was .11 and now 4 years later is 2.6
Chemo and radation have been the recomendation but I have put this off as it seems I read and hear so many stories of side effects I am to put it bluntly frightened……… quality of life is as important if not more important than quantity of life.
Any thoughts experiences or insights appreciated.


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