First chemo session ok. Will it be different for the next rounds?

Posted by boathouse @boathouse, Nov 19, 2021

I am 9 days in on my first chemo session, anyone have any good advise if these first 9 days will be the same when I get my second round in two weeks?

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Hello boathouse, I am sure there will be many posts to this question. The canned answer is everyone is different. The real answer is every one is different but so is every chemo. Can you tell me more about what chemo you were given? What kinds of effects did you have? How did you try to moderate those effects?


Hi @boathouse
Like @auntieoakley said, everyone is different. That said, there are some effects that you can anticipate depending on the chemo drugs you're getting. Sometimes effects can be cumulative, sometimes not.

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What type of chemo are you getting? How often?


As previous mentioned, everyone experience will be different. I was going through chemo during the holidays few years ago.

My chemo caused hair loss. Came around round 2 or 3. Many discussions on Connect about hair loss. I got creative and would wrap holiday ribbon around the beanies I wore. It cheered me up and brought smiles to some others in the chemo waiting room.

Most people experience fatigue during chemo treatments. You have to listen to your body and get plenty of rest. This can be hard with the holidays. I suggest cutting back on holiday activities. Even before COVID, I limited my exposure to other people. I was extremely careful not to be exposed to colds, flu, etc…. Your body is going through a lot and you do not want to stress it.

Happy holidays and take care of yourself



I found with my chemo treatments 20 cycles, it got a little worse. My oncologist was great with asking me questions every week. So if you're tolerating it well now, you might continue with this. Again, it depends on you, your dose, the kind of chemo.

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