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cervical spine problems

Posted by @damgud, Nov 6, 2011


does anyone have experience with the neurosurgeons there at mayo? it has been suggested to me that i look elsewhere, as mayo’s “specialties” are NOT of the spinal field.

however, a few years ago, my sister was a patient there for a couple months, and i was a “patient” as i was her donor. i have never in my life had such a positive experience with a hospital…and i have had MANY experiences with hospitals.

if i have to be a patient somewhere, i would prefer it be mayo..however, i also want the best treatment for MY condition.

thanx for your input!



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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 6, 2011

i would sugggest looking into posture techniques, i do the alexander method and have strengthened my back tremendously. good luck


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Posted by @fibrosufferer, Nov 22, 2011

Delia- what is the Alexander method??


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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 22, 2011

its focus is on posture. paying attention to how you stand, lie down, sit, rise from a chair, pick up something from the floor, walk, move and breathe. habits cause a lot of physical distress. our shoulders, for example, can be held tight and shrugged. unless we become aware of the stress we are inflicting, we really can’t focus on that particular area, to (as in this example) relax them, bring them down and perhaps our arms back a bit. unless we become aware of tension in our toes, that affect our entire legs and our spine, we won’t focus on our toes. if we separate our toes and work on strengthening the big toe by separating all toes, pushing forward, moving toes up and down, we rob our legs and ultimately the rest of our body, all the strength of the root that holds us up (provided we have one or 2 legs). practicing these techniques enhance awareness of the present. to be focused on anything (except the past or the future) we need to be awake in the moment. the mayo clinic does have a video on this which i was both surprised and happy to see that this method is supported by them. book i would recommend: the alexander technique by brennan. they have schools and teachers in many countries. a b.a. is granted to those who finish and pass the courses. people of all ages teach these courses and take these courses. some teachers are and have been over 80+ and there are many young ones as well. usually what drives you to examine your posture is deep down you know you’re holding yourself incorrectly, bad habits over time, reactions to stressful situations manifesting in your limbs or organs.


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Posted by @poppop, Nov 7, 2011

They do spinal fusions and spinal injury therapy rehabilitation so check with them and see.


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Posted by @anon79059957, Jul 18, 2013

I am having cervical and lumbar by neurosurgeon at Mayo – Arizona.

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