Cervical cancer: Just diagnosed, may have spread, so many emotions

Posted by terrir10 @terrir10, Sep 2 1:42pm

Hi, I was just diagnosed with cervical cancer on Aug 27… my first appointment with gynecologist oncologist will be September 12. Things seem to be happening so fast, but so slow… I have graves disease now cancer. My doctor thinks it may have spread into uterus, but there are so many ifs… I don't know. I'm going through so many emotions I don't know how to feel. I'm suppose to stay away from stress so my graves behaves, and my IHT doesn't flare up, but it's not working so I'm one big ball of mess plus my short term memory is poor I think I'm 53 could be 54 post mentaposel. Any help would br fabulous 🙏

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@terrir10 oh gosh, that is a lot to take in. I think many members, like @marys1956 @terena @inlaca @earscan @cancerback @naturegirl5 will get exactly what you're talking about when you say things are moving so fast, yet slow at the same time. It's a weird time warp.

So let's just take a minute a slow things down. It's Friday heading into a long weekend. Now is the time to focus on your stress reducing strategies. Nothing will be set in motion over the next few days medically speaking. And, as you said, there are many unknowns right now until further investigations are done. Between now and your appointment on September 12, you can be in control (even if it feels like things are unravelling).

What helps you be in control? Distraction, like finding things you like to do with people you enjoy being with? Or putting worry into action, like writing down all your questions and asking fellow members here questions to prepare for your upcoming appointment?


@terrir10 Oh, gosh, I really do know how shocking it feels to get a diagnosis of cancer. September 12 is very close and you will be seeing a GYN Oncologist which is really good. When I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer I got lost driving on very familiar roads. One wrong turn and I ended up in a neighborhood I'd never been in before! The shock and stress got me so addled and unfocused and I was just shaking. I got the diagnosis on a Friday afternoon so I had a weekend to stress out over the diagnosis before going back to see my gynecologist and find out if Mayo Clinic would see me (they did). I finally settled into telling myself that the reality is that I've been diagnosed with cancer and I couldn't change that. So I just kept in my mind that I would accept the reality and take care of myself.

What works best for you when you are emotionally shaken? Drawing? Crafts? Going for a walk and being in nature? Spending time with friends? Who can you talk with where you will feel most supported? By the way, if someone tries to tell you "Oh, don't worry, it will all be OK" stop them right there. Your feelings are valid. They're your feelings. Of course you're worried. You're allowed to be worried. You're also allowed to take care of yourself however it works best for you.


Sept 12th? That’s the same day I see my dr at the UofM.


Sept 12th? That’s the same day I see my dr at the UofM.

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How did your appointment go, @marys1956?

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